Saps a Running!
February 10, 2013, 4:21 pm
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One drip at a time!

One drip at a time!

February 10, 2013

The sap is starting to run today. The weather is just right for maple syrup. The warming trend is supposed to go into tomorrow evening before it gets cold once again. I am hoping for our first run tomorrow.

We are almost ready. We just have to put the unloading pipe together and a few minor adjustments inside the sugarhouse. I have a timer that keeps me on track to put wood in the arch. It rings every 9 minutes. I reset the timer and load the hungry fire with wood.

The timer needs a better shelf to sit on, so I will take care of that in the morning. I have a bunch of “rearing to go” young guys at the ready. We will see how they hold up to the increased production.
I’m pretty sure they will be fine … oh, to be eighteen again 😮

We hauuled a load of wood this afternoon to give the horses a job. They did well even though we used the wagon and it pulled hard. The load was of good size and the ground is soft. The horses dug in and pulled with ease.

Here we go. I am excited to once again be in the sugarhouse. I can feel the approval from long gone family members. The steam will fill the room a bit, but what will surround me, will not be water vapor, but rather the love from the generations of syrup makers who have gone on before me.

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Keep your fingers crossed I won’t need a change of socks this time around. 🙂 I am sure Mom is smiling and waiting for the sweet smell to reach the heavens.

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