Taking Care of Problems
February 18, 2013, 6:27 pm
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Elm tree poised to fall on my fence

Elm tree poised to fall on my fence

February 18, 2013

Today we took care of the last, for now, problem trees around the farm. We removed three bad actors. One was a large Ash tree that died last year. Its limbs were starting to shed right on the fence.

Another was a big old soft Maple. The tree was rotted and dieing. It threatened to fall on my sugarhouse. The chipmunks loved this tree, but it was concerning to me. It too is safely on the ground.

The last problem child was a fairly large Elm. It grew out and over our fence. It was a strage thing to see, so I left it stand when we built the fence. It had also died. One of its top limbs was smashed into a nearby tree. I think the live tree was actually holding this old one up.

My tree climbing and chain saw cutting days are over. I still do okay when I can stand safely on the ground, but climbing in a tree like an animal is for the younger men 😮 Once my butt is higher than my head, my body doesn’t behave right. Parts of me shake, some freeze up and some threaten to go … if you know what I mean!

Lucky for me, I know and have worked with a young man who scales trees like a monkey. He is strong,light, and fearless. He has done tree work for several years now. He has vast knowledge in rope work and knot tieing. I have seen him lower himself to the ground upside down, then pull himself back up with ease.

I had him climb and cut my problem trees. I will clean them all up. Most will make firewood, but a few parts might be good enough to be sawed into boards for future projects. I will work on the tree clean up when the sap isn’t running. Today it is cold again. The weathermen were off a bit…but the shining sun was beautiful to see.

I am glad the problem trees are safely on the ground. It is one set of problems that are now behind me. Sometimes problems turn out very well…all of this wood will go a long way to filling the woodshed for next year. The fence is safe and I have something to do… Perfect!

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