John Deere cultivator gets a new life!
March 24, 2013, 3:54 pm
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John Deere 2 horse, 2 row cultivator

John Deere 2 horse, 2 row cultivator

March 14, 2013

I know that it is a little early to be cultivating corn, but it’s not too early to dream about it. I bought this old cultivator a couple of years ago. I paid less than $200.00 for it. She is in good shape and ready to go to the field. I decided to have it refurbished and painted. It looks like new 😮

The snow on the ground makes a statement of it’s own, but the warm days of early summer will soon be the “order of the day”. I will be ready, I think. I need to adjust the sweeps and get everything adjusted in accordance to my planter, but other than that, this machine is ready to go!

I like the old things. This simple, yet effective, piece of machinery will keep the weeds out of my corn. I will have to use it of course, but it sure beats hoeing. I do have an old McCormick-Deering 2 horse, 1 row cultivator too. It is serviceable and works well too, but I just decreased my time factor, by being able to cultivate two rows at once!

The McCormick-Deering cultivator has a set of “disc hillers” that I use to hill potatoes, but also to roll dirt on the corn stalk roots the last time that I cultivate. The dirt helps the corn stand up on windy days. It also buries small weeds growing between the plants. It’s a bit of work, but beats spraying poision on my fields.

It’s cold again today. The maple sap is not running, but I am warmed by the thoughts of sunny days cultivating corn. This piece of machinery in my equipment shed makes me smile. We shall see how much I will be smiling later this year as I roll down the corn rows, steering with my feet and guiding the horses, while trying to swat flies and wipe sweat away from my eyes. 😮

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