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March 29, 2013, 7:47 am
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Getting things ready to go

Getting things ready to go


March 29, 20013


There is a lot of things to do in between batches of syrup. The tanks have to be cleaned, buckets need washed, filters get changed and somewhere in there we get to rest a little bit. The maple sap runs are coming close together right now, as the season heads towards it’s end. The weather is perfect and those sap bags keep filling up.

Yesterday, I had a short break, but only because I boiled late into the evening the night before. I had to get a few supplies for the sugarhouse. When I returned home, a few farm chores needed tended. I went out to check the sap bags at about 6pm. I found them all 3/4 full , some even more! I didn’t expect that!

Today I got up very early. My chores are done and I am waiting on my helpers to arrive so we can gather the sap. I am still expecting a big day Saturday too. We will go as fast as we can, so that I can boil this afternoon. I will have to boil,  just to make room for Saturday’s sap 😮 what a good problem to have!

This has been a crazy syrup season. The usual roller coaster ride for temperatures is just much later than usual. We are scrambling, keeping one step ahead and make preparations along the way. Ours is a small venture, but it still takes up plenty of resources, time and energy…. not to mention all that firewood!


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