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April 25, 2013, 9:11 pm
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Noah taking a nap

Noah taking a nap

April 25, 2013

Our boar Noah is living in the root-a-tiller for now. We placed it on the feedlot cement, so that he does not dig to China in the soft spring ground. He is living the bachelor life, because his ladies are nursing babies, or in one case, is about to be. I don’t want him bothering the poor mothers, who already have enough to do.

Noah is very well behaved for a mature boar. He is also pretty tame, but he sure is a “pig”. He roots up anything, tips over his food, rolls in his urine and naps all the time. If he wore socks, I am sure he would leave them by the couch 😮 He acts like a single guy who drinks too much and lives in a messy house!

In a week or two, he will be moved to a field to start root-a-tilling the sod strips for a pumpkin patch. This keeps him busy, gets him in shape and gives him a job. Ladies like men who are in shape, have a job and even a hobby to take their minds off of breeding all the time!

Noah will soon be turned out on pasture with three of his most favorite women. They will spend the summer romping in the grass, laying in the sun and shade, wallowing around in the homemade pool and breeding, of course. When autumn gets here, the new babies will be born before the cold winter winds send us all inside.

Noah, for now, gets to lounge around making a mess of himself while the sun and wind dries up our farm. He kind of makes me think of my single days… I am much better off with a job and a hobby too!

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LOL! Ralph! Love your description of your boar! Maybe instead of women referring to their men as dogs we should say boar!

Comment by Jacklyn

There are sure similarities! LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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