What Not To Do !
May 22, 2013, 1:31 pm
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Hive needing some attention

Hive needing some attention

May 22, 2013

In my life so far, I have found out all sorts of things NOT to do. Don’t ever, no matter what the dare, never, ever pee on an electric fence wire! You will actually boil your future children…or at least it feels that way 😮

Never get into a discussion with a woman about her weight … unless it involves saying how “light” she is. Never swim after eating if your grandmother tells you not to … never , no matter what! Don’t jump off a roof with a homemade parachute tucked into your pants … it doesn’t work…period.

If you raise and handle bees, don’t think  “I’ll be fine, they are busy” … wrong! Some stay home just to guard against intruders. You .. will be considered an intruder. Also, mow around the hive body to keep the grass away. Ants climb up the grass and cause problems for the bees … But don’t weedeat in boots and shorts!  Especially the baggy, legged type!

Don’t try working night shift without sleeping during the day. Even if you make it through, your body will not be happy with you. Don’t eat something called a “figlet” and go for a long walk. “Figlets” are in the prune family. They will race through your intestines like a bullet … making for a crappy situation.

Don’t try to change someone. It’s like trying to fall a tree with a heavy lean in the opposite direction…you work your butt off and it goes they way it wants to anyway! Don’t give an ice cream cone to a 3-year old in a new car.

Don’t seek a vocation based upon the amout of money you can make. Your heart will not be happy, but your brain will not let you make a change. Don’t make coffee with chickory and dirt… and lastly, don’t lick chocolate off of a small childs fingers!


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All good to know Ralph,but some of just have to learn the hard way. Growing pains!

Comment by Bob T.

Thanks Beav, that was a good laugh this morning!!! Too funny. You and Charlie’s buddy Alan!!! Never lick the bottom of a metal ice cube tray because your brother dared ya to. Don’t ever think a nail won’t go through the” good old” green barn boots! It will. Then you will walk around for 6 weeks wearing a slipper because your foot got infected from the rusty nail! (Just because your brother dared you to). Don’t tell Mom or Grandma Kaip that the green beans are ALL picked! It sucks going back out the 2nd time cuz you didn’t do it right the first time especially on FAIR WEEK!!!! Oh one more!!! Don’t ever eat the white powdered cookies at Christmas time it may be Chicken Shit!!!!! 🙂 Enjoy!! Have a Great Day!!!

Comment by Minnow

Wait I forgot. How about NEVER except a breakfast invitation from your brother the morning after his buddy and him go camping. You end up broken hearted being left behind cuz your a girl, and you get stuck doing the camp dishes. There wasn’t enough left over for me for breakfast How you ever talked me into doing the dishes!!!!! Boy was I dumb!!! Been reminiscing all day. Thanks 🙂

Comment by Minnow

Funny how all of us can remember the dumb things we did…that made us so much smarter!

Hey Min,sorry about the dishes and the whole chicken poop thing 😮

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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