Stuck in the Mud
June 10, 2013, 3:15 pm
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weeds, small corn , water and mud

weeds, small corn , water and mud

June 10, 2013

Boy oh boy, the rain is making it tough to keep up with my outside work. The photo shows corn up and growing among the weeds. The field was barren when we planted the corn. I expected to be able to cultivate by now, but the rains just keep coming. The weeds keep growing and the planting window is closing.

In the photo you can see extra space between the rows. That space is where pumpkins are to be planted. We can’t do that yet either. It’s soggy to say the least. On a good note, most of my inside work has been done 😮

The plan is to start cutting wood for the sugarhouse this week. I have lots of it down. It just needs to be cut to length, split, hauled and stacked … No sweat! It does make me pause a little when I think that last year we were about 90% done with that job by now and had even cut some hay.

I know what will happen. The ground will dry and I will be scrambling to get the cultivating done, more of the garden planted all while working around trying to make hay. It does make the days go by fast! The horses will get plenty of work and I may even shed a few pounds.

Our strawberries just need a few sunny days to ripen them. They are so close to ready, that my mouth waters every time I walk past the patch. Soon it will be strawberry sunday time along with all sorts of desserts …yea right … shed a few pounds?!


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