Handling The Boys
June 20, 2013, 7:43 am
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Jake checking his grip. Knight and Hoss mowing

Jake checking his grip. Knight and Hoss mowing

 June 20, 2013

Handling the boys can mean many different things to many people. Around here, it usually has to do with the way we care and drive our geldings. We use a gentle yet firm hand. The strength in the grip instills confidence. The gentleness makes every situation a positive one.

I guess it’s the same if you are talking about men or horses. Gentleness and firmness go a long way in a relationship. Set the boundries, hold to them fairly and consistantly. Expect the boundries to be tested and be ready to apply the right amount of pressure to set everything right again.

We are trying out a new farmhand. So far things are going well. Like most colts, training and oversight is needed, but progress can be seen. Once in a while he gets in a tight spot, even pinched a bit, but it all works out 😮

We also have a youg lady who is working here a bit. She is good help too. Our wet weather is preventing any real work from being done, but we are ready once the weather breaks. Our young gal is using the time to break in a new boyfriend. He is usually right behind her, hat in hand, waiting for the next piece of direction. Talk about handling the boys… she has it down pat 😮


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Handling the boys…a little cousin birdie told me Connie has that mastered as well…spatula and all. 😉

Comment by Charlie

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