It’s a Start
June 26, 2013, 9:10 pm
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Hay almost ready to bale

Hay almost ready to bale

June 26, 2013

I have 25 bales (4×4 round) made. It is a poor start, but it’s a start none-the-less. I lost 3 acres of hay to the weather and a small break down, but it will all work out 😮

The bees have been busy and more honey waits to be extracted. The speltz are starting to ripen. The bottle babies continue to do well. Two more of them are almost ready to wean. The last one is doing very well, in spite of getting me into a little trouble by bringing him home …. after all, what’s one more when the table is set anyway 😮

We are shifting gears and working on firewood. I am sure that I picked the hottest days to do it. The weatherman says rain for many of the next ten days, so hay waits, but the wood is getting cut.

The fly season is in full swing. The horses wear fly nets when we work. The nets just scare the flies away, but work almost as good as the sprays do. I am trying to work in the morning and then in the evening when the day is cooler…well that is my plan, but today I was throwing wood into a trailer from 2 to 3 pm … that was a stupid thing for a fat man to do!

Later, after I recovered by drinking 1/2 of Lake Erie, I did chores, fed my bottle babies and picked some fresh raspberries…OK, Connie picked most of them while Ichecked for quality by sampling several! There isn’t enough to freeze … but It’s a Start 😮


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