July 10, 2013, 1:47 pm
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Cattle grazingthe west pasture

Cattle grazing the west pasture

July 10, 2013

In the 1840’s people flocked to the gold fields in California and then Alaska. They beat themselves up looking for “paydirt”. This dirt was laden with gold and made many men rich beyond their dreams.

I searched for treasure too, but it was not for gold that I searched. I wanted a farm. I wanted one close to my family with a small woods and a secondary water source. We looked for quite a while but could not find one that we could afford or one that met our criteria.

I found this patch of forgotten land. There were no buildings, no fences and it had been years since a plow had turned any soil. The weeds and brush were taking over, but I saw promise. We went to our knees and put our dreams and plans in God’s hands. It was over twenty years ago, that we hit “praydirt”. This farm makes me feel rich beyond my dreams.

I have carved out a place for me and my family. We are pretty self-suffient here growing our food and family. I am pleased with my efforts, even though today, some of my plans are under water…thanks to our constant and recent rains. This farm defines me. I have found my place in the universe and I am happy.

I give back to people, who like me once, are searching for the way to farm or garden. I teach forestry to young people and anyone searching for answers. I give advice freely and do so because I have been enriched and filled beyond measure. This farm truly is a gold mine for me when it comes to satisfaction…. one day the checkbook might even reflect it too 😮


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