Taking care of the wild girls
September 15, 2013, 8:07 pm
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The bee trees situated in a quiet lea for winter

The bee trees situated in a quiet lea for winter

September 15, 2013

Wild honeybees fill the logs in the picture. Bee society is matriarchal. So, this is me taking care of the wild girls! I placed their home in a secluded spot where the mid-day sun will warm their home. I want them to be safe and be home at a decent hour as winter approaches. The late morning and late evening sun, will allow them to sleep in and have them in well before dark 😮

The autumn honey flow is in full swing. Wild aster, goldenrod and clover blossoms are abundant. I don’t want the logs to fill with honey so fast that the bees swarm this late in the year. The ones who would leave the hive would not have time enough to build up stores before winter and would die.

I hope I am doing the right thing. I brought these bee trees home, from tree removals in other places, in the hope that they would not only survive, but thrive! I hoped that they would swarm and I could catch them. I can put them into hives and care for them in exchange for some honey.

The wet weather made it a bit hard on the girls. We did get some honey off of our other hive, but we just let the bee tree girls alone. They have built up and seem to have enough food for the coming cold weather. Time will tell, but I gave them every advantage that I could.

One section of tree got smashed when we took it down. I was pretty sure that it would be okay … I was wrong. The old bees moved out and the rest of the gang robbed their old home … no honey for Ralph! Oh well…in the words of a Cleveland sports fan …there is always next year 😮


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