The Gang’s All Here!
October 31, 2013, 6:53 pm
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Grazing in the Fall

Grazing in the Fall

October 31, 2013

   Today is Halloween. I don’t get all the hype about ghosts, monsters and especially zombies. What happened to dressing up like a cowboy or a hobo? Girls used to dress up as princesses or Raggedy Anne. Costumes were cute on kids and yes every now and then a ghost or monster might show up, but they looked more funny than scary! I simply don’t get it.

   I go along with those that say, “Let’s celebrate the harvest and forget about the whole trick or treat thing.” Kids could dress up as farmers, hunters, grocerymen or meat cutters. They could go as vegetables or fruit…imagine a whole bunch of little “Fruit of the Loom” kids showing up asking for a treat. I don’t think a bunch of grapes ever scared anybody! Okay, I’ll quit … “wine” ing 😮

   My animals have used up most of their pastures. I have one more ungrazed paddock where the sheep will spend breeding season in a week or so. I have another pitiful corn field that the cows and sows will get to consume. It’s time on this farm, to start feeding hay. Yep, the whole winter chore thing is about to become my main focus.

   The animals will all require much more care. Manure will be forked, hauled and composted. Feed and water must be brought to the animals instead of them simply just taking care of themselves. Sure I have chores every day twice a day in summer too, but they are much less. It’s a good thing that most of the other farm work is done.

   I looked over the farm yesterday. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. I considered just where every animal will spend the winter days… I am still working out all of the logistics. Today, the sows have conspired to roam three fields on the farm. They saw an opening in the fence and are on a wonderful vacation here on the farm.

   Tomorrow, will be the first dry run of winter movement. Horses come to eat everyday. They pose no problem. The cows will come when called as do the sheep. The hogs , well let’s just say I have to convince them that what I want to do, is much better than what they are doing.

   I have one old red sow, named Char (she was named when I got her), she will come to a bucket of feed. I hope to convince the rest of the marauders to follow her and come with the gang… we shall see how that works 😮


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I agree with you with “gorey” costumes, but again, I am in the minority. Yesterday (Halloween) a co-worker, another redhead and myself put “snap” all over ourselves…can you guess what we were?

Oh, and I must say thank you for the clarification in regards to “Char”. From the description you gave, I think you will find, the others will follow her. 😉

Comment by Charlie

Ginger snaps 😮

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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