The Work is Stacking Up
November 6, 2013, 11:06 am
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Sugarwood for 2014

Sugarwood for 2014

November 6, 2013

   Yesterday, my son and I finished splitting all the sugarwood to be used in the up coming maple syrup season. I have had lots of help along the way, family, friends and even a couple of boys who got paid. This is a big job, made bigger this year by all the wet weather.

   Stacks and piles litter the forest floor. It is a wonderful sight. Now, all I have to do is get it all hauled in and stacked away. I have a small portion started, but much more to go. As the sun set last night we had just a few pieces to go. We finished at dark. It wasn’t too dark to see, because I was beaming with pride over a job well done 😮

   The weather is about to take a turn towards winter. There are a few things that demand my attention, but mostly I will be stacking wood. Once the animals are all snug in their winter quarters and the wood is stacked under cover, I will rest a bit. I am glad to say, that after an anxious year of waiting on the weather and being behind in farm work, I am finally caught up!

   The cooler weather that is about to engulf us, makes for great weather to work horses … and men. It beats those hot, muggy summer days when it’s hard to draw a breath. Since I’m not trying to dry hay, I’ll take these nice cool days anytime!


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