More of the Same
November 8, 2013, 9:32 pm
Filed under: November 2013
Making progress in the woodshed

Making progress in the woodshed

November 8, 2013

   Today we worked once again hauling and stacking wood. This photo is from yesterday, but at least progress can be seen 😮

   The horses worked beautifully today. They are amazing creatures with awesome power! I have worked horses for well over twenty-five years and still get goosebumps watching them on a hard pull. They pull together. They pull hard, using every fiber in their being. Their big muscles ripple under the harness as they dig deep to pull the loaded sled. I watch in awe, filled with pride.

   My horses work like that for me because I ask them to do it. They will try with all they have, not out of fear, but rather, just to please me. I praise them for their efforts, scold them with my voice when needed, but take care of them like I would a child. They are my babies 😮

   The tractor is parked in the shed and I am getting more work done than I ever imagined that I could. I did get some help today in two willing boys. Our farm also had a visitor, who pitched in as well. It was a great day.  Much wood was moved, a few memories were made and though it was more of the same…it was still downright fun!


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