A Short Week?
November 27, 2013, 2:41 pm
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Play Day

Play Day

November 27, 2013

   The horses enjoyed a day just romping and playing. The ground was frozen. They made no tracks with their big hooves. It seemed they could tell a storm was coming, but they had several hours of pure fun in spite of it.

   Many folks are about to enjoy a short work week. In a day, they will gather with family and friends and share a meal of Thanksgiving. Some will enjoy a nice four day break from work. Many will head to the stores to start their Christmas shopping. I celebrate will all those folks 😮

   I would also like to take a minute to say thanks to the folks who will be at work that day. Men and women like police and firemen. The people who keep the stores open and even the parades happening. I salute those folks… Take a minute as you say “thanks” to remember the men and women in service to our country and the doctors and nurses who give care.

   I will say thanks as well to the folks whose jobs require them to work through holidays, weekends and stormy nights. Men who run the trains, factory workers and airline pilots are but a few who will toil as others spend time in celebration of Thanksgiving …. but every one of them is just as thankful as the rest of us.

   Enjoy a meal, treasure your time off from work and if you get one …. enjoy that short week!

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