Looking For You
December 1, 2013, 5:06 pm
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Knight says, "Hey , you coming?"

Knight says, “Hey , you coming?”

December 1,2013

   Yesterday, we waited here for a few more riders to get on the sled. The horses stood quiet while the gang piled on. I was pleased with the horses and their patience. The riders had no idea how much training went into horses such as these, but they sure like the results 😮

   Our deer gun season starts tomorrow. Many folks are getting prepared. It is a ritual that has been around for generations. We will all take part, if for no other reason than history. It’s just part of our lifestyle…and oh man, does that venison taste good!

   The holiday season has officially started. People are scurrying about buying gifts and hiding presents. It is this time of year that I dig deep in my memories, for there is much treasure hidden there. Candies, cookies and even gifts, handmade and homemade take me to a simpler time when many of my loved ones were here. I would dwell there in my memory longer, but then, many of my now favorite people, weren’t born yet!

   Go ahead, look to your memories to revel in the past. Pause to think about the future and all the good things to come, but dwell in the day-to-day. Each day is a gift, that is why we call it the present 😮

   Friends, I will look for you in my memories. I will greet you in the present… and if you are a stranger to me … it’s only because we haven’t met yet 😮


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