Snow Day
January 5, 2014, 1:41 pm
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

January 5, 2014

   The year has started off with a snowy blast. It has been winterlike since mid-October. I don’t mind, I like the snow. It does help that most of the work was done before it started coming, I will say that.

   A big , cold, winter storm is forecast to hit us over the next few days. I am working steady to prepare for it. The large sow nests, need to be cleaned partially out and refilled with clean dry straw. That job will fill most of my day. All the barns will get cleaned and bedded…nothing says comfort like a nice warm bed!

   The sheep have been grazing the paddock where our sugarhouse is located. They have been enjoying stockpiled grass since Christmas day. They refuse to eat a bite of hay, choosing instead, to munch the soft autumn grasses hidden just under the snow.

   The cows are eating lots of hay. The hay helps them stay warm as they digest it. I give them plenty and mix in bales from different fields, even offering a bale of oats now and then. They seem to enjoy the diversity and it makes me feel good to see them enjoy their food.

   The horses have been enjoying a few days off. The weather and demands from an off farm job, get in the way of my horse farming. I don’t like that, but that is just how it is …. for now 😮

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