Playing in the Snow
February 9, 2014, 7:15 am
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Knight and Hoss out for a drive

Knight and Hoss out for a drive

February 9, 2014

   It seems we have been playing in the snow every since early October! I guess that is because we have been 😮 Oh well, the ground hog said six more weeks of winter… the good news is that he said that last week. So, now only five weeks remain!

   I don’t mind the winter, but I like it best when I am off work from my off farm job. I can take things slower and enjoy the days more. On work days I am rushed so much…the fun is squeezed right out of each day.

   I miss my dog. He liked the snow too. The big lug that he was, he liked to roll in the snow making big doggie snow angles. I still find myself looking for him now and then. It’s like I hear his collar jingle or see movement out the corner of my eye…I guess the movement is just a tear, now and then.

   Syrup season is closing fast. There is still quite a bit to make ready, but it is all coming together. Very soon we will be, walking the woods and playing in the snow …sounds much better than …working our butts off!

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