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March 13, 2014, 3:32 pm
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2014 season begins!!

2014 season begins!!

March 13, 2014

   Last night, after battling a winter storm gathering sap, I boiled the first sap of 2014. This season has been crazy due to the weather. We are started much later than most years. The very cold weather wants to hang around. Yes, we need cold nights … but -4 F is a bit much 😮

   The horses worked in the rain as it changed to ice and then snow. I would have felt a little more sorry for them but we worked in it too. They got to go back into the barn for a good supper and a warm bed… I still had the big job of starting up for the season… I ate my supper at 9pm.

   I can’t help but love this season. It is the signal that spring is finally here. It reminds me of my childhood…long ago… and fond memories of my grandparents. As the steam filled the sugarhouse last night, I was surrounded by good feelings … I know that I am supposed to do this. I am very okay with that 😮

   The season looks like it is about to bust wide open. I hope I can work out all the logistics, stay ahead and meet only problems that I can solve. So far so good…it’s easy when you love what you do!

   I hope to grow this part of the farm business, but it takes lots of help, patience and the weather. Sometimes its hard to get all the stars to line up .. but when they do, it is a wonderful thing!!

   Last night, the wind howled and the snow flew. I had to give all the equipment a final wash and rinse. My fingers were almost frozen by the time I had finished that job. The sap filled the evaporator and I could finally light the wood fire. It was not long and the sap began to boil.

   I boiled for about three hours. I didn’t make even a pint of syrup, but the pans are now sweet, so the syrup will come at the next boil. The maple process requires lots of patience, as we boil away 40 gallons of water per gallon of syrup. The finished product is pure magic.. and the flavor is simply wonderful.

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