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March 30, 2014, 10:39 am
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Washed and Labeled

Washed and Labled

March 30, 2014

Once our syrup has been canned, it comes into the house to be washed and labeled. Usually, we do this in small batches and it’s no big deal. This last week, has been full of other work, so the labeling got put off. My dear wife spent quite a bit of time on this job, that plugged our kitchen clear full!

The syrup containers get wiped down to ensure that any place where I slopped, is neat and clean. The next thing to go on is our maple syrup label, identifying our farm. It seems like no job at all untill your back is breaking from the tedious work.

I boiled a nice run yesterday and the sun is making the trees drip again today. It looks like a big day of boiling coming up on Tuesday. I am hoping for one more day after that, but the weather is looking like we are near the end. Once the trees warm and the sap travels up to the buds, we are done.

The syrup made once the tress have budded has a strong off flavor. It works well for animal feed or pipe tobacco but not so well on pancakes. In fact the stuff tastes like medicine to me! So, for us, it’s only the good stuff…thank you very much!

The syrup in the photo above has been divided into orders. Some of it has been delivered. Some of it waits for pick up, but all of it has moved from the kitchen counters…much to the delight of my dear wife 😮

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