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July 13, 2014, 11:54 am
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Sea Gulls gather in my experimental field.

Sea Gulls gather in my experimental field.

July 13, 2014

This morning I was greeted by a field full of sea gulls. They seemed to be checking out my experimental field of buckwheat and oats. The young field must have been home to some yummy insects, I guess. The birds stayed quite awhile. I hope they ate their fill.

My crazy work schedule made me miss this last window for making dry hay. I focused instead on mowing our pastures, cultivating corn and working from my to do list. Mowing the pastures is the single best thing I do for them. I get ahead of weeds, promote growth in the new grass and make young lush feed for my animals…. Perhaps I even make feed for sea gulls by chasing bugs out of the tall grass!

Corn cultivating was much needed. The horses and I fought the greenhead flies and their awful bites, as we tried to get ahead of the weeds. This job too would have been better done over a week ago, but work and the weather allowed the weeds to get a jump start on us.

Summer is here. The mid-season flowers are in full bloom. It is a wonderful time of year. The cool evenings of late have been enjoyed by all of us farm critters. It seems even the biting flies take a couple of hours off to rest and enjoy the peaceful, cool time….. I know I do!

Much better than last year's!

Much better than last year’s!

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