Roundbale Roundup
August 18, 2014, 8:12 pm
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I just got to get them home

I just got to get them home

Wow what a busy week I had last week! I call it vacation, but some would call it work … not me man… I had a great time! I farmed steady for nine and a half days. I had great weather, so I made use of every bit of it that I could.

I combined oats for a neighbor. I made several small fields of second cutting hay. We even plastic wrapped a few for silage to be used this coming winter. I got to visit with my nephew and a few friends, My wife and I shared some time together and even the dog knows me again!

We are getting ready for a firewood marathon. We need to cut and split a small mountain of wood. The sugarhouse needs more as well as home heating fuel. It’s time to get the last of it done. These present and unseasonably cool days, makes me want to see this job done!

Farmer’s Almanac says another cold winter headed our way. I plan to keep my shoulder to the wheel to make damn sure we are ready. Plenty of work remains, but for now we are caught up and that is a great feeling!

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