The Looming Storm
August 29, 2014, 10:34 pm
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The beauty in the storm

The beauty in the storm

August 29, 2014

The dark days that swallow a man, are mostly man-made. Heaping fret and worry upon yourself, is for nothing. I have been consumed by the fire created in my own mind. The desire to change things, take back something that I said or avoid a problem can eat a man from the inside out.

Sadness, pain, heartache and worry are necessary to make the good times even sweeter. All of us have traveled down a lonesome road. The key is to find the sun. Look for the bright spot and let go, forgive and forget, clinging only to the lesson and perhaps a memory or two, as you heal body and soul.

Life is a journey. The road is not always smooth, but in every bump awaits a chance to shine. I struggled for a while at a job that I hated. I have lost loved ones close to me, failed in love and business, but I am stronger for each thing. I can be a resource for others when they are down, sharing my experiences and perhaps a smile at someone’s darkest hour.

I hope that is the reason for some of the pain that I have endured. That I may take away a lesson and impart wisdom for the sake of someone else. Giving from within, touching a memory and maybe sharing a tear with a friend, has great power. That kind of power mends broken hearts, seals friendships and makes the world a better place.

Storms never last. The sun and rainbows show the promise of a new day. When you have a choice, be the sun. Let your warmth touch everything around you. It won’t hurt you at all and it may help another much more than you’ll ever know.

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