Colorful Characters
October 22, 2014, 6:51 pm
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October 22, 2014

In my lifetime so far, I have met many colorful characters, some are old farmers. Many of the men and women that I am thinking about are good country people, but then I don’t know too many city folks. I am amazed by real people from the city. I can’t understand for the life of me why someone wants to be surrounded by tall buildings, traffic and constant commotion. I much prefer tall trees, animals and peace and quiet. The bright lights for me consist of a star filled night sky. The only way to make that sparkling evening any better, is to share it with someone you love.

Anyway, getting back to the characters that have shaped my life, I was reminded today of an old man named John. John took great delight in telling stupid, corny jokes. He almost always smelled of creosote, it was a miracle liquid for him. He put that stuff on everything from wood, to the bottom of his vehicle. He was from the old country, a kind, gentle man. His mission in life was to make people smile. If you didn’t mind the smell of creosote, you couldn’t help but smile. ( ****creosote is now known to cause cancer, I don’t even think you can buy or own it anymore)

Another man who helped me more than he will ever know, was also named John. I called him Johnny. He was a small man in stature but a large man in my life. He taught me many old-time farming practices, especially when it comes to raising pigs. He was a man of God and witnessed often without being overbearing. I miss him often and stand ever grateful for his shared knowledge.

A lady, who babysat my sister and I, was another character in my life who shaped me as a man. She was a model lady from West Virginia. Her name was Nellie and she thought that I had hung the moon. I guess after raising five boys on her own, I was just a reminder of days gone by. She helped me to become a gentleman. She was a very hard-working woman who gardened and canned like she was still raising five boys, but you could eat all you wanted when you sat down at her table. ” Take all you want, but eat all you take.”, she would say, in a sweet voice that still lingers in my memory.

These are but three people who touched my life. I only hope that I have made a difference in someone’s life just as these nice folks did in mine. One thing I know for sure is this…. I am a colorful character, who enjoys seeing people smile!

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