Butchering Day
December 16, 2014, 8:05 am
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No more working outside!

No more working outside!

December 16, 2014

Today, we will butcher a couple of pigs. The weather isn’t the best for woodcutting, so I will switch gears. It will be nice to have the fresh meat. I also plan to make some summer sausage and a few other meat treats to be eaten over the holidays. The smokehouse will soon be filled with all sorts of yummy treats. The best thing about butchering this year, will be using the new slaughterhouse… no more working outside!

We do the killing, skinning and gutting part of the job outside, but the job of cutting the meat, making sausage and preparing hams and bacons will now all be done inside. The big sink and hot and cold running water will be a welcomed addition. It is so nice to be able to wash hands and equipment any time you want to do it…and without a bucket of water!

December temperatures continue to be unseasonably warm. It is still cool enough for butchering and a nice day to keep fingers warm. The pause from farm work and wood chopping is a welcomed one. I like to do this job every now and then. It was once the way I made my living and fed my family. Now, it is just a job I like to do and ultimately… I’m still feeding my family 😮

I will stretch this work out over the next few days. The smokehouse will run by the end of the week and even in to next week as we smoke the hams and bacons. It is a wonderful time of year. The tree is mostly trimmed. Rows of cookies line the table. A few wrapped packages are under the tree and now the harvest for our freezer is underway. Yes, I like butchering day.

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