Staying in, Looking out!
February 4, 2015, 7:55 pm
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The hens think I'm crazy

The hens think I’m crazy

February 4, 2015

Stupid Woodchuck…all it has done this week is snow. I like snow and it is a very good thing! I have it piled up everywhere, so I’m thinking I will be liking it for quite a while! I plowed for three hours today. I dug out the barn doors, gates and cleaned off the feedlot. Just about the time I finished, it started snowing again. By the time I finished evening chores… I had to plow the driveway again đŸ˜®

Our hen house is nice and roomy. It provides not only shelter for our gals, but an excercise area as well. It is eight by sixteen, very tall with lots of natural light. Currently we have nine hens. This gives each lady over fourteen square feet of living space to herself. The ladies though, still crowd each other. I think they just like being close.

I am sure they are looking forward to the warm days of spring, just like the rest of us. The hens don’t get seed catalogs, so they pass the time looking out the window. They jump up on the feed can and watch everything that moves. I am sure these last few days they think I’m a nut, for spending all this time pushing snow around.


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