Hay You
March 4, 2015, 10:34 pm
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Little bull munching hay

Little bull munching hay

March 4, 2015

I have a couple young bulls that are looking for direction. It will all work out soon…because I will be steering them.

Messy work today. The ice and snow melt has made things here quite slippery. I walk on snow where I can. When I can’t I usually look as if I am trying to fly. My arms flail in circles while my feet run in place, usually in several directions 😮 I will say , that so far I have regained my feet and not fallen.

Why is it, now that I’m older, every time I slip and fall on my butt I have to bounce the back of my head off the ice too? You’d think the shattering of your elbows would be enough to hold a guy up, but nope! As soon as you see the tops of your feet up over your head, go ahead and say  “ouch”, because its coming!

The snow has melted some but plenty remains. The temperature will dip to the single digits again tonight and not get much above that tomorrow. So, another day in the deep freeze will prolong winter once again. It is looking better in the next week or so… I think all of us are ready.


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