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March 10, 2015, 10:32 pm
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March 10, 2015

Today, we started tapping our maple trees. I have NEVER worked that hard, at that job, in my life! The snow is deeper than my boots. Much of it reaches to mid-thigh. It is heavy, wet and won’t hold a fat guy up. I slogged through it for five hours. We tapped 375 and still have 425 to go.

The smaller trees were starting to drip, but no big run yet. I am very thankful. I sure hope we get done tapping before we have to start gathering 😮 That job would crowd me pretty hard. I am sure we will be boiling by the weekend, but I hope not to have to gather until Thursday afternoon. I still have lots of stuff to get ready. We went from artic cold to a normal spring in 48 hours and I haven’t caught up yet.

I did finish the new drain on my refurbished gathering tank this evening, thanks to help from a good friend. Our old drain was only a 3/4 inch opening. It took almost thirty minutes to drain the 300 gallon tank. Tonight, we finished a new two inch drain, complete with a hose coupling to unload from either side of the tank.

So even though I will be massaging cramps out of my legs tonight, I am satisfied that we are well on our way to the maple syrup season. It will be just a matter of days before someone asks me…. Hey good looking, what ya got cooking?

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Go get it Ralph, this is clearly your passion. It’s a joy to see the season develop

Comment by John

Thanks John. I am right at it and you are right, it is my passion!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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