Sappy Day
March 12, 2015, 8:49 pm
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My son and his wife having a sweet day at the farm

My son and his wife having a sweet day at the farm

March 12, 2015

We spent much of the morning cleaning, straightening up and making ready to cook sap. I am very tired even with all the help. My daughter-in-law Becky helped me a bunch. In the afternoon, Josh and Becky helped me gather a few bags on some of the first tress we tapped that were out in the sun. The bags were not clear full but would be by mid-day tomorrow.

As we finished for the day and started to the house, I snapped this picture. It wasn’t too long ago when these two had their first date here on the farm. Josh took his bride to be, fishing for catfish. On their second date, he took her coon hunting…it’s been nothing but bliss since then šŸ˜®Ā  So why not another sweet day on the farm?

Weather is on a roller coaster, just what we want for the sap to run. The trees however are simply staying clamed up. Just a few drips in the afternoon so far, but I fear when they start, it will be like someone opened a faucet! I sure hope we are ready for the outpouring of goodness!

I am busting my butt in the meantime, trying to think of everything that could need a spare. Making sure we have enough containers, filters and all the other stuff. I have tried a couple new things that didn’t work. I even tried to make a set of wheels to haul my old tired butt around, but so far its just a prototype…. so I keep dragging it like usual.

Oh well, soon we will be smelling the steam and living the dream. The season may be short, but it will be sweet, just likeĀ love that blossomsĀ on a coon hunt!

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