Once a shepherd… Always a shepherd
June 16, 2015, 8:20 pm
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4-legged mowers back on the pastures!

4-legged mowers back on the pastures!

June 16, 2015

I just couldn’t stand spring time pastures without spring lambs I guess. No really it all came to me a few days ago. It makes no sense to have to mow the pasture around the back pond and sugarhouse. I have worked a long time to get good forage to grow there. I don’t want the cows or horses punching holes all around the pond edge. Trimming there is simply a sheep job. The grass turns small lambs into tasty meat by summers end. The place looks neat and trimmed to boot!

These ewes are from my old flock. I didn’t have to be too particular for I just want the mowing job done. I have my old black nemesis “Midnight” back. She and I have exchanged many looks and one-sided cuss sessions. I swear a lot and she just eggs me on with a baa-baa, raspberry sound 😮 I also got a couple ewes who only had one baby this year. Lastly, one ewe is here because she had a “bad personality”, what ever that means?

They are not too friendly yet. They managed to hang out long enough by the door to the sugarhouse last night to leave me a landmine…which I of course stepped in first thing. They watched from a nearby hillside with big grins on their faces. I shook my shoe to no avail. The manure made from clover blossoms and orchardgrass apparently has the same bonding ingredient as super glue. I did get it off after a trip through the mud to a nearby stream. Thanks to the sheep I walked in a wet shoe most of the morning! Ahhh yes…and it was my idea!

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Yep! Love it.

Comment by Donkey Driver

Me too. My grandpa raised sheep when I was a little boy. There is something magical about them for me.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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