And they go with Ice Cream too!
June 28, 2015, 3:33 pm
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Raspberries ripening in the new bed

Raspberries ripening in the new bed

June 28, 2015

We have been enjoying this awesome fruit for a few days now. I like raspberries in yogurt, plain in my hand and on ice cream! My grandma Rice used to make homemade ice cream and just about the time it was done, she’d throw raspberries into the churning, freezing mixture that I love so very much. I have many fond memories of licking that red-ish purple treat. Sometimes, when I eat a raspberry, I can almost hear my grandma’s voice or feel her touch. Yes, there is magic in those berries!

I transplanted these plants early this spring. I was hoping they would survive in their new space. I never imagined that they would thrive! I am guessing the success is due in part to our rainy weather. The space between plants is helping to prevent plant problems like powdery mildew. This has been a great project and we are being rewarded with tasty, sweet fruit for our efforts.I even plan to dry a few leaves to be brewed for hot tea on a cold winter night 😮

June is fast coming to an end. It’s had to believe that one third of our summer is over. Our hay is still standing and many early summer projects are on hold. All is well, as long as, there are such wonderful things such as fresh raspberries and ice cream!

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