Putting Down Roots
July 14, 2015, 8:23 am
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Mid-July garden starting to prosper

Mid-July garden starting to prosper

July 14, 2015

Our garden is finally starting to flourish. After a slow start, lots of rain and even some hard packed soil, things are really looking up. I was more careful this year to do more companion planting. The cucumbers have benefited from the nearby onions. The squash bugs and cucumber beetles have been at a minimum. Our peppers and tomatoes look great. Even some cantaloupe plants are thriving.

I am sure these results are driven by our new raised bed system. I also think that planting the plants with “friends and associates” helps too. Each plant gaining a little from a neighbor, by doing nothing more than growing itself. There is a lesson here for us humans.

Last fall, I became re-acquainted with an old friend. I knew him casually but didn’t really know him. I also put “two and two” together and figured out where he lived. I had driven by his place and often thought that I should stop and introduce myself. It was obvious to me that whomever lived at the farmstead, shared many of my same thoughts and desires. I had no idea that the farmstead belonged to Ron and his family. I am thinking that they have found their place in the universe, just as I have. All of us have put down roots that run deep.

We came together over my sheep. It turns out that Ron’s nieces, Leah and Rachel, were looking to become shepherdesses …or the owners and masters of a flock of sheep. We struck a deal and my sheep became theirs….well except for a few that I had to buy back because I missed them 😮

As the months have gone by, I have gotten to know Ron’s family quite well. We have shared meals, much laughter and many moments of fellowship. We all share a love for farming and gardening. We all enjoy the simple things in life. We encourage each other, help one another and laugh together. I’m thinking this is much like companion planting as each of us, gains from one another by simply living nearby and sharing moments in the sun…under the Son!

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