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July 21, 2015, 7:25 am
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New Feed Bin from E R Polyfarm Products LLC

New Feed Bin from E R Polyfarm Products LLC

July 21, 2015

Connie and I drove to northern Indiana to pick up this bin we bought while attending Horse Progress Days. We had a great time, saw some beautiful country and enjoyed lots of laughs. The factory where the bins are made was even a highlight of our trip. We got to tour the place, watch a few things being made and see many items on their inventory list.

We only had one little hic-cup. We stopped at a national food chain for a milkshake and a coffee. After several minutes of waiting and a very incompetent staff, I was handed a yellow milkshake that had been hand stirred. The milkshake machine was not working correctly…no big deal…but come guys don’t BS me…I am an expert 😮

The good thing about the terrible milkshake was that it gave us one more thing to laugh about. Interstate 80 was a good drive, almost no construction. We had one little stop to adjust a strap, but other than that the trip was uneventful. We drove home stopping for a couple breaks and a nice lunch from the people at “Cracker Barrel”. The trip home took seven hours including our stops….then we set the bin up to boot!

My friend Ron met me. He is a perfectionist who is also very good at math. We divided the cement pad to find exact center. The next step was to make a perfect six foot circle. We placed the legs on the circle and fastened them down. It was a good job. The bin is very stable. I am hoping for many years of service out of this bin that will store our farm grown speltz. My draft horse’s fuel for the entire year.

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You will love that grain bin Ralph! So much easier to feed even in winter. We had those at my college and I highly recommend. Your farm looks great! I’d love to stop by sometime.

Comment by Jacklyn

Thanks Jacklyn, there has been quite a bit of work done around here since the rain let up 😮 All is well. Stop anytime.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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