A Little Help From My Friends
July 31, 2015, 7:08 am
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Flocking together

Flocking together

July 31, 2015

Often I write about what is new around here, the projects that I am working on and the ones in the planning stages. It is true that I stay busy here on the farm, but it is not all about me. Much of what I do is made possible by friends of mine and my family. Even on days when chores are the only thing accomplished, my wife works hard behind the scene cooking meals, packing lunches and washing a mountain of clothes, to keep me going.

I rely on different guys for work on motors, others for fabrication and some to just lend a hand on any job. I have friends who are builders, farmers and fellow maple syrup makers. We may not work together, but we bounce ideas off one another, talk about markets and trends or where to buy the best lumber. This network of friends is a blessing and something for which I am very grateful.

I realize that I too am a friend to others. It is important to make myself available to them on occasion. I have been searching my life a bit and fear that I am sometimes too busy to make that happen. I work a full time job, write a column in Rural Heritage magazine, am the township zoning inspector and run this farm. I have decided that something has to give. I am not sure yet just what, but I will create a break in my business to visit friends and family and to make myself a better friend to them.

They say “Life is not about the breaths you take, but rather the moments that take your breath.” I have my head down working perhaps a bit too much and may have missed a few of those moments. I vow to change my behavior and live more for others and enjoy “the ride” a little bit more. I will still be found here immersed in my farm work, but I will take more time to lean on the fork to visit 😮

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Good for you Ralph! I too find myself in the same predicament but am trying to “enjoy the ride” as they say.

Comment by Jacklyn

Amen! And what do they say….don’t get so busy making a life and forget to enjoy living, or something like that! Love and miss you all and getting my hands down in the soil then enjoying the fruits of that labor! Hope to see you soon….hug my Mom for me!

Comment by Donna aka gert

Sometimes saying “no”, opens an opportunity for someone else to step up and share that great feeling that comes from helping others. I tend to forget that and find myself buried in work that I really don’t want to do, but do it anyway to keep my word.

So, in reality, saying “no”, is just one more way to help people out 😮

Comment by Ralph in N.E.Oh

Donna….hugs given!

Comment by Ralph in N.E.Oh

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