Empty Nest
August 23, 2015, 3:59 pm
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One, Two, Three....Moooo!

One, Two, Three….Moooo!

August 23, 2015

It’s the time of year when we wean the calves. The mother’s need a rest period before this years babies come. It has been very noisey here these last few days…and nights! The calves think they need to nurse. The moms udders are a bit swollen, so everyone is mooing and the rest of us are holding our hands over our ears. I even called the neighbors so that they wouldn’t worry.

Today, it is much better. The calves are mostly hoarse from mooing constantly. They even moo with their mouths full. I put three gilts (young girl pigs) in with them to distract them. It worked, but they just all slept together in a barnyard sleep over! As soon as they woke up the magical music started again 😮  My son next door says the echo even comes through the baby monitor…so everyone is sharing in the farm experience.

I can’t help but think about the moms and dads whose children are headed off to school or college. There will be tears and boo hoos, as separation anxiety overcomes all involved. I guess it is good for all of us, but nothing bends a heart like the loneliness of someone leaving…especially a child. It makes us all grow up. There is no shame in a few shed tears, an extra hug or two or that lump in your throat that won’t go down. It’s part of life…and life can be hard!

Soon, the mother cows will be nursing new calves. The cry babies on the feedlot today, will be part of the herd again soon. These sad days long forgotten as they too become moms before they know it. Some will head off to freezer camp to nourish the farmer’s family as the cycle of life continues to turn.

I remember very well the days when our children left home to make their way in the world. They soon came back with spouses and babies of their own to share. So, your nest may be empty for a while, but fear not it will soon be full again. The days between empty and full, are called life…  and that fullness is called love…. So, enjoy life to the fullest!

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Ok Ralph…..this post made me cry so I facetimed with Mom for 2 hours! I may be a grandma now but I’m still her baby girl! Miss you both Luv u much hope to see you both soon!

Comment by Donna aka gert

I am sure they were happy tears! Love you too!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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