I Hate To Do It.
September 20, 2015, 6:22 am
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Swiss Chard still going strong

Swiss Chard still going strong

September 20, 2015

I have been cleaning up the garden beds and preparing for winter. In the bed above I have a row of awesome Swiss chard growing like crazy. We have eaten lots of it fresh. We have frozen (well my dear wife has) a good quantity of the chard and it keeps on growing very well. We often cut this “green” way after frost, almost until Thanksgiving. In another bed there is a lonesome pepper plant. It is hanging with peppers ready to pick. I need to remove both vegetables so as to complete my garden plans…but I hate to do it.

The Swiss chard is growing at the end of a soon to be planted strawberry bed. I want to take the chard out, add soil and compost to refill the settled bed, then plant strawberry plants. I have the plants ready to go. I will soon have the time, so this meal favorite of mine will have to go. I will plant more next year, but this prolific vegetable reminds me of summer. Eating a mouthful of the juicy green leaves takes me to summertime, even in the dead of winter.

As a boy, I hated most vegetables, even Swiss chard. My mother encouraged me to eat them anyway. Encouragement was sometimes like punishment, but I learned to eat many garden delights. I also confirmed that some of them I will never like. Once I became an adult, I enjoyed the garden. I became a good gardener and enjoy what I grow. The key here is to grow what you like to eat. I also grow a few things that are not my favorites, but other people enjoy them. I grow for them and give them away with pleasure knowing that I don’t have to eat them….beets and parsnips are two of my least favorite veggies. I do eat them…but I just hate to do it 😮

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In my garden, big or small, no peas shall be found, not at all! 🙂

Comment by Charlie

How about green eggs and ham? LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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