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November 7, 2015, 9:14 pm
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Solomon, back with his gals

Solomon, back with his gals

November 7, 2015

Solomon is back here on our farm. I own him with another like-minded farmer, I get him for half the year, my friend gets him the other half. Solomon is glad to be home. He is familiar with the paddocks and shelters. He understands the “drill” as we move every day from paddock to barn lot. I get to check everyone over and it teaches the babies to follow mom and get used to moving and coming when I call.

Our 2015 calf crop will be arriving soon. We should have new babies from now through December. Solomon checks each calf over and even licks the newborns. It is strange behavior for some dads, but for others it is natural to want to be with their children. I fit in the last category, but I wonder if I did enough. They grew up so fast, I fear that I missed too much of their childhood. I don’t put on much of a show, but I love them more than they know.

Solomon got out of the trailer, walked up to each of the cows and made sure he knew them. They all greeted each other, then walked off to graze. Tonight he follows the herd walking the fence line checking out the young heifers in the paddock next to his. I think the little girls have a crush on him 😮  He struts his manliness and curls his lip… I, like all dads, check the fence, admonish him and remind him they are too young, but love knows no bounds….I hope the solar fence charger keeps him in check!

Solomon, like me, is comfortable here.  The old John Denver song… “It’s good to be back home again”  plays in my mind. I see the big bull content, almost smiling and strolling through his pastures and I realize that I too feel that way every time I pull back into the drive. I really don’t need to go anywhere else on Earth … “and hey it’s good, to be back home again!”

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I find harder and harder to go to town And breath a sigh of relief when I get back to the farm, in the country.

Comment by Donkey Driver

You are so very right. It is simply hard to leave home Jane. The older I get, the more I hate leaving!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

He’s a beautiful beast! Do you think it’s hard for him to share his time between 2 farms? How old is he? What will happen to him when he is no longer fertile?

Comment by Jacklyn

Jacklyn, Solomon has no problem fitting into our respective herds. He is the boss. He is just about to turn three years old. I will use him this year and we will sell him as a breeding bull next spring. He will be fertile for five more years or so, but we will have too many of his daughters. We just purchased his replacement, another registered Murray Gray bull. The little fellow is just 5 months old, but will be ready to go when we need him next year.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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