Off to the Woodshed
November 10, 2015, 8:05 pm
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Headed for the woodpile

Headed for the woodpile

November 10, 2015

What a rainy day today was. It drizzled all day, forcing me to work inside. I got a whole bunch of little things done. I got my oil changed in the log splitter and I fixed a piece on Duke’s harness. We also fabricated a way to get my smokehouse up to a higher temperature. (I will share tomorrow) These things took me until afternoon, so my garage still needs order restored to it, but I will keep it on the list.

Tomorrow I will be off to the wood pile. I need some horse time and wood getting is great work for all of us. My log cart and wagon are ready to go. I have logs ready to bring out of the woods. Dead trees, mostly ash make up the majority of the wood. I will be glad to have them hauled out and put in the pile. Further cutting and splitting is easy once the wood is in a central location.

I am reminded of my grandpa Rice every time I work on firewood. Some of my favorite memories revolve around him, his horses and bringing in firewood. Sometimes we helped with “sugarwood” for the sugarhouse, but usually it was wood used to heat the house. I remember him sawing and splitting big chunks. He would load the chunks onto the wooden sled and head for the house. He had a big pile where the wood was unloaded. I don’t remember him stacking it anywhere except by the old wood furnace, but I do remember how warm the house was from the wood heat and the love of grandparents.

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So awesome! I would be grinning like a fool if could drive those beautiful horses!

Comment by Donkey Driver

I resemble that remark…every time I pick up the lines :o)

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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