Coffee Time
November 18, 2015, 1:53 pm
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November 18, 2015

This morning, after 25 years of making coffee wrong, I made the best coffee ever. I enjoy a good cup of perked coffee. I thought that I knew exactly how my mother made it. I was wrong… I “Googled it”.

Turns out you don’t have to boil it for 20 minutes on the stove…In fact, you’re not supposed to boil it at all! You just set the percolator up with coffee in the little basket. Put in water to just below the basket. Put it on the stove and heat it up. As soon as the pot perks once, reduce the heat so that it just hiccups every little while. keep an eye on the little glass window at the top and let it percolate for 3 minutes! That’s it!!

It’s not bitter. It is hot and smooth. I couldn’t believe it. Up until today coffee and cow kidney had the same recipe…You just boil the piss out of it 😮

Man, was I ever wrong. This will be fun for the next 25 years. That bitter, sometimes stinky swill, that I used to drink, is forgotten. I am sure my kids and farm visitors will be very pleased! Old dogs can learn new tricks!

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Wait, what? No prolonged boiling? My whole childhood just went up in flames! I know many a cowboy who is rolling in his grave, my father and uncles included. Ha ha! Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Glad you found the recipe.

Comment by Donkey Driver

Jane, I know exactly what you mean. Campfire coffee tasted just like mom’s …never said it was good, only that they tasted the same!
That stuff really does put hair on your chest!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I’m curious – what made you google it after all these years? You just realized one day that it tasted bad??

Comment by Aunt June

Last week a guy stopped by. I offered him coffee and explained that my kids laugh at me and say I make bad coffee. The say I do things the hard way! After the guy left, I noticed that he had barely touched his drink. I guess the bitter swill that I had been calling coffee all these years can really be improved. So, in today’s world where do you go for answers? Google of course!
You can even look up the birds and the bees. There is a plethora of information about birds and bees…but not one word about Human Sexuality. See how things can change in twenty-five years?!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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