Nothing Like a Fire
November 20, 2015, 9:08 pm
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002November 20, 2015

Tonight the temperature is dropping. It is still a very nice night for late November, but all of us farm critters feel the nip in the air. The cattle and sheep are full, chewing their cud and resting happily. The pigs are all huddled down in their soft beds of straw. Even my dog Cinch has eaten and is curled up in his bed. I watched the flames in the fire, enjoying the warmth and the dancing flames.

There is nothing like a warm fire on a cold night. I remember teamsters gathered around a noon time fire on a cold winter day, when logging was my vocation. A man named Jack would build a big fire every day at lunchtime. I told him one day that he sure builds a big fire. He said, ” There ain’t no sense in having a cold fire!”

The warmth felt good back then as we exchanged stories or poked fun at one another. Sitting around a campfire on a summer evening is another fond memory. Sometimes, just sitting alone watching the light pierce the night, makes me feel good.

There is nothing like a fire to warm the body and soul. It can fill your heart with memories while warming your hands. It can conquer the darkness or accompany the dark in a blended dance. I hope to reflect light in our world. Like a flame in the night or a star in the sky, I want to be a bright spot in someone’s life.

On this cold night, I will cherish old memories and savor the warmth, as the flames lick the sky. I will join the animals in their relaxation as we wait for the winter blast soon to arrive and I will say again…There is nothing like a fire!

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