Bridging The Learning


March 2, 2016

Yesterday, we had a group of home schooled children come an visit our maple syrup operation. The kids had a great time running and playing in the woods and on the sap paths. They also learned a lot about all things maple. The field trip was organized by my daughter-in-law. She taught the group, gave out informational handouts and set up a tasting station.

The steam was really rolling as I boiled maple sap for over six hours. The syrup is light, clear and delicious. In the afternoon the trees started to drip, but clouds and cool soon stopped that effort. Today we are cold and snowy. All of us get a break. I will do a little clean up and make ready for the next warm day and the sap flow that comes with it.

It was fun for me to share with the visiting families. Moms, dads and kids alike all took some maple information home in their hands, as well as, in their minds. The steamy room, the sweet smelling syrup and the hot fire, all made memories….for us all.

My dog Cinch had a great day too. All of those kids to play with and all that mud to splash through! He and I are grateful for the down time today. It was a fun day for us all as we bridged the gap from city to country, neighbor to neighbor and young to old. The best part of all, was making friends out of strangers!


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We met you at Horse Progress Days at Mt. Hope (I am the “happy wife” from SE Ohio) my husband is hoping you would have time to contact us…

Comment by Lavada & Chris Pidcock

Of course I remember you and Chris. I hope he is still clicking projects off his list and keeping you smiling. I will send you an email. Thanks for following along on my BLOG.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Giving back to the community and next generation is so generous of you Ralph! Hopefully you created at least one future farmer or maple syrup producer from that group! & Cinch looks like he herded the group well!

Comment by Jacklyn

Thank you Jacklyn. Yes, I did see a few little ones who were very much into the whole maple story. I hope that I have inspired them. Cinch was a great ambassador…as usual!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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