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March 20, 2016, 2:40 pm
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chris looking ahead

March 20, 2016

The 2016 maple season has come to an end. Friday, I boiled the last sap we had and chased it with fresh water. We made a few more gallons of syrup as the steam headed heavenward. My cousin stopped in to visit, smell the steam and check the finished syrup quality of course! It was a good year for us, even though the sap was not sweet. Our ratio of sap to syrup was 80:1 at times. I burnt lots of wood. I made some great syrup and I made a few more memories to hold me over until next year.

last boil 2016

The new head tank worked great. I do need to raise my hill outside to make gravity unloading a better option, but it was a successful year. I do have some opportunities to capitalize on by next year, but work does not scare me.

making the best of it

One of my old tanks and a new plastic sump pump, made it possible to unload the sap and get it to the fill line for the new head tank. I need more stone on the hill, but that is a job done much easier when better weather is upon us.

new sled

The new “long tailed” sled worked much better that I thought it would. It shattered all of my expectations. I used it with three horses and no tongue. It traverses the uneven terrain so smoothly that not a drop of sap was spilled. The long runners are much easier on the land. The horses pulled it easily and turning with the fifth wheel action of the “bob” front end made that job a breeze.

Yes, it was a great year filled with lots of good things. It leaves me looking ahead for next year. I have more plans and dreams as we continue to grow our maple operation, but just like the little wooden sign in our sugarhouse says…..”Dream, Believe, Achieve!”

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We HAVE to have plans and dreams. Always.

Comment by Donkey Driver

So very true! They are good for us all.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Do you plan to be part of the Maple Madness Tour?

Comment by Jacklyn

My hope is to be part of it in 2017 and beyond. This year we had too many projects going to commit to anything else. I want people to get a great view, a new perspective on the “old ways” of making maple syrup. By hosting, I give myself a voice, so like a babe in the wilderness I will cry out. LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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