Movie Stars


March 24, 2016

Yesterday, the folks from Rural Heritage magazine were here to make a movie about my farm and draft horses. We spent the entire day filming. The horses pulled my sled, hauled the manure spreader with the power cart and skidded logs with our log cart. They performed beautifully, as expected…but you just never know…they are animals after all.

We will finish up this morning with the film crew. The movies will appear during the month of May on RFD TV. The videos will also be available from the Rural Heritage website. If you check out the Rural Heritage Facebook page, you can see some teaser photos taken during the filming.

They will be making two segments one geared toward our environmental and woodland stewardship. The other video will be about using draft horses for power on a mixed powered farm. The videos showcase our work horses Knight, Hoss and Duke. (each horse was played by himself) I am there too, but the real stars were the horses.

These are exciting and busy times here at Riceland Meadows. I’m sure glad you folks are along for the ride!


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This is so awesome Ralph! Good for you and the horses! I will look it up!

Comment by Jacklyn

Thank you. My cousin says that I am a Facebook star so I guess many folks like what they see so far!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

That is exciting. I am looking forward to viewing this on RFD TV.

I am happy that you get to share your passion with so many.

Comment by Serena Togger

Thank you. Yes, it is exciting. I will BLOG more once I have the exact air times on RFD TV. I know in May. The first episode will air on the 14 and then again the 17, but I don’t know the times yet.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I know this is the view you always see, but I hope the film crew got to see the “front end” of your horses too!

Comment by Aunt June

Yes, the film makers were very good. I got to see a few teaser pictures. I was amazed at how good the horses looked….from the front end!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

So excited for you! I am glad you didn’t have to call in any Hollywood horses!

Comment by Charlie

Me too. Knight, Hoss and Duke were perfect!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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