The Little Ones
March 27, 2016, 9:20 pm
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Grammy says Hi

March 27, 2016

As I continue to farm, I include the little ones. It is good to expose them to the animals, the work and the joy that comes on  farm. They are the ones who will ensure this way of life continues. They might not choose it for themselves, but they will have an understanding for those who do.

Today, my wife and my youngest grandson were visiting the draft horses. He is not fearful, but he respects their size. Getting to know the gentle giants, in the safe arms of grammy, is a great way to be introduced. He had a ball. He talked to them and pointed. I am sure he approved.

I have a faded black and white photo of me sitting on the back of a milk cow. I was about a year old. My smile was almost as big as my face. I was bitten by the farming bug at a very early age. I have not, nor will I ever, get over it. The love of farming runs deep in me.

I enjoy talking to just about anyone who will listen about farming. I especially enjoy the children. The excitement they have is hard to contain. Some like to see the farm babies, others like the big horses, a few just like the dog and cats, but all of them take a memory when they leave. I think that the memories are the important things, the things that really matter.

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