Kids and Cows

Kids n cows

April 12, 2016

Last week I had the opportunity to welcome the “Junior LeaderShip” class to my farm. About thirty young men and women came to see and learn about small farming, environmental stewardship, water quality, draft animal power and “all these animals!” The young people had a great time. They asked good questions as they toured the farm. These young ladies were smitten with the cows.

They arrived at the farm in four vans. They jumped out of the vehicles, eager to see and touch the animals. My draft horse Duke, always the farm ambassador, was the subject of many “selfies”. Cinch the dog chased sticks and followed the kids everywhere they went. I explained the difference between commodity agriculture and community agriculture. They understood the market of direct sales. They also seemed to enjoy my diverse, sustainable farm.

I think the only hard part for the visitors, was when it was time to leave. They said goodbye to as many critters as they could. They waved to the two-day old baby lamb triplets as they rolled out the drive. I  know they had a some fun. I also think that I was able to help tomorrows policy  makers gain a new perspective of an old way of life. They left happy talking about things they had seen. I watched them go, smiling, because I am sure that a little piece of my farm will live in their memories. Who knows just how far that little spark may go?

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Ralph– I am having trouble finding blue prints for a draft horse stand to put my Belgian in while trimming hooves — any book, etc you know about ?? Thanks

Comment by Juan diliberto

Juan, I took some pictures the other day of his set of stocks. I will write a post regarding shoeing stocks in the coming days. I will try to include measurements so as to help you out. Thanks for asking!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Juan, go to the website http://www.Ruralheritage.com On the homepage, click on the “Resources” tab. There is a set of detailed drawings by Bethany Caskey of shoeing stocks. The drawing is complete with measurements.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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