Putting the Shine On
May 4, 2016, 10:57 pm
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May 4, 2016

This pile of hair is from tonight’s brushing session. Knight has finally started to shed his winter coat. The other horses are well on their way to their summer “do”. They are shedding a little, but this guy is dropping gobs, much to the delight of nest building birds.

I am glad to see him finally getting rid of his winter coat. He gets pretty hot on work days. This will sure help that problem. The daily brushing gets easier for me too. The short hair is much easier to keep get and keep clean. I like seeing the horse’s hair coat shine. They are beautiful animals. The shine just adds to the “eye candy”.


Tomorrow we will be working again, but tonight is time for rest!

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I love a good pile of horse hair! 😊

Comment by Donkey Driver

Haha , you and the birds!

Comment by ricelandmeadows


Comment by Donkey Driver

You have a point…when it’s in a pile on the floor…it’s not stuck to my lips or tongue! LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Or coating my arms and back because of the breeze! 😄

Comment by Donkey Driver

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