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May 17, 2016, 5:29 pm
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May 17, 2016

I had a piece of lumber left after making Abby’s harness cabinet. I decided to make the hens a ramp for their house. We have been using this coop for over two years, but I never built them a ramp. They hated the little door, because the step out was a long one!

I barely got the  ramp in place and the hens were playing on it like a teeter-totter. I had to wait my turn to take this picture. I don’t know what took me so long to make it. It only took me about thirty minutes to make it once the tools were all out. I guess it just hadn’t made it to the top of the priority list until today.

I don’t know if they really need the stair treads, but they look good. The hens seem to use them, so I will chalk it up as a success. Closing the  small door that leads to the ramp at night, will keep our girls much safer. I wasn’t always good about closing the man door. The risk is the same for small predators, but the weather changes will have much less impact on the small door.

As for being on the boardwalk, our second episode of the horses and farm aired on RFD-TV today. They did another great job, but it is sure weird to see yourself on TV! Although it is great inspiration for dieting!

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I made one too a few weeks ago! We only have two chickens now and Willie is too old to lay any more, but I will very much miss her and Sweetie Darling (who really is NOT sweet!) when the house sells and they go to my brother…at least I will be able to visit them.

Comment by jennyrecorder

Staying close to your country life, no matter how you do it, is all that matters! Enjoy your girls!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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