Abby’s New “Digs”
August 13, 2016, 9:36 pm
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August 13, 2016

I made the commitment. I dug deep and spent the money. Duke has been using a mismatched harness for four years. Abby had only been using a well worn serviceable harness, that had seen better days. She is doing well. Her and Duke will be work mates, so I upgraded their harnesses. I bought a set that matches Knight and Hoss’s as close as I could find.

I consider this a good investment. The set worn by Knight and Hoss is over fifteen years old. It looks great and is in very good condition. I just need to pressure wash them again. When I upgraded from leather harnesses to “bio-plastic” it was a good decision. The harness is strong, yet lighter than leather. It cleans up with soap and water. I don’t have to polish or oil it. It makes my job easier and that is a very good thing!

Tomorrow, I will fit the new harness to Abby. Her training has progressed to the point where she will soon be working as part of a team. I decided that it was time to dress her up. She is a pretty girl, so she should have a new dress! I guess Duke just gets his by default. It should also be noted that Abby’s old harness was too small for her neck. It was fine for walking around and getting used to it, but she could not pull anything with it. So the timing was right for her new harness.

Abby will be worked on light loads after a few more days of “line driving”. She is doing well and continues to remain calm in all situations, so far. I look forward to working her a little. It will do her good to work a little, perhaps even get a little tired. It’s been rough lately due to the hot, muggy weather. I guess I’m a softee…the horses seem fine, but I melt!


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Comment by Gert aka Donna

I hope to have her all fitted later today. Her training is going well. She will be hitched soon!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Can’t wait to see the photos!
They are so lucky to have you as their owner.
I hear so many abusive stories about draft horses being beaten & I follow a draft horse rescue group. So sad. Did you see the viral video of the Amish guy beating his downed horse on the side of the road in PA? So disturbing.

Comment by Jacklyn

I’ll try to get some pictures today. I have not seen the video. I know there are people who mistreat animals. I do not understand that behavior. We were given dominion over them….to me that means taking care of them in every way.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

real fancy looking harness there Ralph! Abby will look real pretty in it!

Comment by Donna

I think that you are right! She was a real lady at her “fitting” LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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