Trunk Wood
August 17, 2016, 10:14 am
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August 17, 2016

Yesterday, in a stiff cool breeze right before more rain moved through, I started working up these logs. They are the trunks of some big trees that were taken down in Ashtabula. All but one of them required me to cut from both sides of the log with my chainsaw. My chainsaw is a big boy with a 24 inch bar. Two of these trunks are just a little short of 48 inches in diameter.

It seems that not many folks want to tackle logs of this size for firewood. It is a lot of work, but man does the wood pile up fast! I still have 21 chunks, cross sections of the big white oak to split yet. Those chunks along with these in the photo, will provide the heat for two homes this winter. Sure it’s a little work, but it seems to me, like a respectful thing to do with these old trees.

In the cool breeze yesterday, the work was easy. The saw was sharp and the chips flew. I will need another evening to finish the sawing. The splitting will take several days, but I am on track to have it all split and stacked long before the winter winds howl. I think I will always like cutting and splitting firewood. I like it from the minute that I hook on to it with the horses, until I look at the completed stacked rows. So, I get to smile the whole time from “Trunk” wood… to “Chunk” wood !

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It warms you twice! I remember stacking firewood………😊

Comment by Donkey Driver

LOL. Yes you do!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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