Plotting for Deer


August 29, 2016

This little field was an old part of our pasture. When I put up the new fence, I straightened it out. This little place got abandoned. I keep mowing it. I tried a couple of years ago to plant trees here, but the weeds choked them out. We will probably do that again, but for now, we have created a plot for the wild deer.

We worked up the sod and planted oats, turnips, radish and a medley of grasses and forage. My sheep would go nuts for this soon to be lush autumn and winter grazing. We hope the deer like it. I just want to keep them coming to our farm. We harvest a deer or two each year, so it seems only right to offer them a little food.

They do get into my hay fields and eat clover. They munch my corn and other crops too. This plot however is all theirs. It is in the back, next to the woods. There are trees growing on three sides. A stream is just a few hundred feet away and places to hide and sleep abound.

My son was pretty pleased with our efforts today. My grandson was thrilled that we planted food for the deer. He had a great time catching grasshoppers, crickets and even a frog while we worked and planted. My granddaughter made me mud pies and helped her brother in the big grasshopper hunt. It was a good day for us all….I think more than just a few seeds were planted today…I believe a memory was planted too.

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I absolutely love feeding the deer. We harvest them also, and I absolutely am proud to feed my family venison……but the most fun is seeing if I can lure them in with the food plots. 😊

Comment by Donkey Driver

See, us farmers all have our quirks! It’s not enough to give them a portion of everything we grow…we even attend to their personal needs too!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Whatever they want…..😊

Comment by Donkey Driver

I know exactly what you mean. We check them out on a game camera, but it’s neat to see them in person!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I even put a game camera in the tree row by the house. I like to see if it really is coyotes coming in or if the dog is just lonely. ha ha

Comment by Donkey Driver

Doggone coyotes anyway. They are becoming a problem in our area too.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

One of my earliest memories is driving up on a newborn calf that the coyotes had gotten down. They were eating it while it was still alive and calling for its mother.

Comment by Donkey Driver

A very tough thing to experience at any age. Life’s lessons are sometimes very tough to understand.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Nature is harsh, it’s not a Disney movie.

Comment by Donkey Driver

Very true. The good things make up for most of the bad…but there are times when Mother Nature is a real bi%6$

Comment by ricelandmeadows

If one of them lands on the hood of my car, I will think of you.

Comment by Aunt June

LOL, okay just so you think of me… whatever it takes 🙂

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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